September 17, 2021
5 mins

Live a life you will remember.


I hope you had a wonderful break, and... I hope you missed the newsletter!

I realised during the break that it’s now been two years since I arrived in Seoul. Time flies!

In those two years, I’ve lived in three districts of the city, cycled 2,000km, met hundreds of extraordinary entrepreneurs and had hip surgery in a hospital owned by Hyundai (yes, the car company).

Yesterday, a friend shared with me an old song about living a life you can remember. Here’s the song if you haven’t heard it before:


I’m not jumping off cliffs or playing guitar by the fire- I wouldn’t be very good at either!- but I certainly won't forget the life I am living today.

In the last two years, nr2's life has been equally intense. We won a global start-up competition, the team has tripled, we’ve raised over US$1.5Mn and we’ve begun investing in some South Korean start-ups.

At the core of nr2 is our search engine. It's built to be an equivalent of Google that finds start-ups rather than websites. Throughout this year, you’ve been clear what you wanted from the search engine. We knew that delivering it would take something big, so it became the company’s sole purpose for last two months.

I am incredibly proud to share the results. A lot of changes are hidden from view in the back-end of the search engine. What I'm most proud of is that our AI is now able to find start-ups within news in real-time with an accuracy of 90%.

But there's plenty of changes you will see, not least a completely new design. When you visit, you will find:

- All the start-ups our artificial intelligence can find without having to search for anything

- Recent start-ups investments by high profile investors such as Sequoia, Softbank or Altos

- Start-ups that have raised money within the last 7 days

- Start-ups being talked about in the media in South Korea and China

My new favourite feature is the ability to create personalised searches so you can follow companies on your radar.


It’s not fully finalised; improvements will continue in the background in the next couple of weeks.

I’m sharing it now with you, because I want you to have a voice in this final testing and development phase. If you want to invite other people to use it, please let me know. For now, other interested users will join a waiting list.

I will follow-up with you tomorrow with instructions to access the new product.

I am really looking forward to hearing what you think.

Thanks as ever for reading and, if you like what you see, please consider sharing!