July 28, 2021
5 mins

A new chapter.


If you’ve used the search engine recently, you will have seen not only fundraising information on start-ups, but also news linked to them. All in real time.

Information on technology developments in China and South Korea

This month, we have added weekly e-mail updates with personalised news and fundraising information. Why am I sharing this? Because the advances in our AI algorithms show the opportunity and challenge of artificial intelligence.

A new chapter for nr2.

As we get better at finding the information most relevant to you, our algorithms require more and more processing power. Our new algorithms are proving pretty resource intensive. For some time now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to continue giving you the information you want for free. The answer came at NextRise, the startup conference in Seoul I wrote about earlier this month. As we engaged with our community, here’s what we found:

1. Korean start-ups want to go to Europe

Around 200 technology start-ups asked us: "Can you help me expand into Europe?"

A start-up founder trying the nr2 search engine

2. The best start-up accelerators worldwide are travelling to South Korea

Friends from around the world visited NextRise, traveling thousands of km to find promising Korean start-ups. Among them were two friends from Station-F and the HEC Paris Incubator. If the best incubator in France is visiting, it’s a pretty good sign that something is happening.

Aymeric Penven (left), me, Jordan (middle) and Mathias Abramovicz (right) at NextRise in Seoul

With both start-ups and the nr2 community wanting to connect, we asked the start-ups if they would be willing to pay to advertise their expansion plans through nr2, in a manner similar to Google ads. The answer was unanimous. They all said yes!

We need to step up.

The key is ensuring you have access nr2’s automatically generated data and, importantly, know when a company is promoting itself. To deliver that means overhauling our infrastructure and will take a month- and that’s exactly what we are going to do.

In early September, I will reach out to you individually to explain the changes. You should see a real change in the speed of the search engine and how easily you follow whatever you’re interested in. By then, we will also be readying to add new geographies 😇 …

Before I leave you, below are 2 companies we are promoting this week: VT3 and Happy Rabbit. If you want to learn more, just click on the link and feel free to reach out to them. They’d certainly love to hear from you.

So that’s it for a little while. If you’re in Europe, then maybe you’ll be away on holiday in August. If so, have a fabulous time- everything will be up and ready by the time you get back.

Thanks as ever for reading and, if you like what you see, please consider sharing!