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News aggregation

Extract the news you need from China and South Korea, then organize it however you want. See news as it’s published and even map it to start-ups you’re monitoring.

Deal origination

Find technologies and companies that meet your criteria. See relevant opportunities as they arise. Be the first to know.

Data customisation

Make the most of our data analytics by integrating your data in the search engine.  Securely update the search engine through a private portal to empower your already existing insights.

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Jordan's newsletters come with a personal touch and there's always new discoveries relating tech and everyday life in Korea. I highly recommend.

Rebecca Souw
Founder & CEO @ Soundboard Asia

Reading the weekly newsletter helps me stay up to date with the latest start-up products I can use.

Wonjeong Chae, PhD
Researcher, Korea University

nr2's search engine helps me find fast growing start-ups before they hit the headlines.

Runsheng Du
Investment manager @ New Oriental Education & Technology
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We work (really) hard, but we are human beings. We come from all over the world and embrace our differences. We trust each other, and we fight for each other.

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Frequently asked questions

What is nr2's mission?

We want to give local world-class start-ups the same chance of succeeding as multinational corporates

Is nr2 a database?

We are not a database, we are dynamically reading the internet in local languages to provide a live search engine for start-ups

I don't fit any opening, what can I do? 

Our job listings are incomplete. If you don't see your specialty listed here, but you are really talented at what you do, and possess a set of skills which would help us create better products and experiences for our customers, please reach out.

 We're happy to be convinced we need a molecular biologist, a philosopher or a wood carver, but the onus is on you.

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